1937? Whoa.

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Doll making, which included horses, bunnies and a duck, was one way I could use scrap fabrics from my rug weaving. In the ‘80s my kids were young enough to enjoy the large Canadian dovetailed loom as a fort and the cotton warping threads as spider webs tied to numerous locations. The dolls themselves were the colors of whatever warp, fabric filler or weft was at hand.

The leather for shoes, ears, saddles and more came from my favorite leather shop in Camden, Maine, The Leather Bench.

When Nancy, CM's editor, recently asked me for a few of the horse photos, I sent some the next day. Her response asked if I could “do something about 1937...”

I figured this was some journalist techno jargon that I could easily figure out. I Googled: “What is the meaning of 1937?” It took me into the world of 1937, including the crash of the Hindenburg in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Interestingly enough, my father-in-law witnessed the explosion as a young man.

Such are the wanderings that happen when our emails go crisscrossing through space and time, reminding me of the tangling of threads—whether threaded needle to cloth or threading warp to a loom.

Turns out, the reference to 1937 had to do with an image file number.

. . .

P.S. If anyone would like the pattern (shown here) to make the horse and tack, happy to mail it to you. Send me an email, patty.read@gmail.com

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