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Sun Drenched, 2020
10 x 12 inches, oil and cold wax
Forest Dance, 2020
24 x 24 inches, oil and cold wax
Hide and Seek, 2020
12 x 12 inches, encaustic, graphite and oil
Sunrise, 2020
24 x 26 inches, oil and cold wax
The Air in Winter, 2020
26 x 36 inches, encaustic and oil

iam one of many who love encaustic painting. Camille is an abstract painter who works with encaustic, oil and cold wax. Her paintings have depth, complex colors, are highly emotive and have a sculptural quality that I love. My goal was to make a portrait of her that has complexity and an abstract quality. Her studio is in a treehouse, built outside her home in central Maine. During my visit, she fed me homemade potato salad and fresh cherries, we talked and then she showed me her work while explaining her process. I admire how she receives inspiration from the natural world outside her studio, which is surrounded by forests and beautiful lakes. Camille also runs a vibrant gallery in the small town of Readfield, which we visited after the treehouse tour. I chose to make this portrait of her through the window at the front of her gallery, because I was enjoying how the reflected street merged into the image. In the background, you can see one of her abstract paintings hanging on the wall. Camille is keeping her gallery open through the pandemic by making the shows available online, through her email list.
Represented by The Gallery in Readfield,

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