Completing a circle may seem like a simple job but making sure that along the way, the circle is large enough to contain whatever it needs to include, that its path stays on course rather than snail-trailing around and missing the mark for closure, may not be so simple.

After months of trying to figure out the best way for SHOP CREATIVE MAINE to complete its circle by giving back to everyone—buyers, sellers and the rest of Maine’s creative community—I’ve got it. Really? Yes, really, and don’t seem so surprised.

The site is designed so that everyone participating (artists, artisans, shops, etc.) on the site gives SHOP CM Members a 15% discount on every item featured on their Shop Page. Members get access to Maine’s most creative markets, exceptional home goods, exclusive Maine artists and artisans, extraordinary chocolates … the list goes on and on … for gifts or for themselves. CREATIVE MAINE asks interested shoppers to become members for $30/year in order to take advantage of all this. Very nice … Still, something was missing.

But not now.

NOW, 50% of all SHOP CREATIVE MAINE Membership fees will be donated, at the end of every calendar year, to help us bring creative magic to others throughout Maine!

We’re donating the tools to create—art supplies, musical instruments, clay or … or … whatever the creative medium.

And there’s an extra big thank you for SHOP CM Members, but that’s a surprise and not even brownies will make me tell.

Come browse the shops ... Then join us to save and become part of the CREATIVE MAINE circle that never stops giving, creating and being hopeful. The ripple effect will make a difference!

Thank you from all of us,
Nancy Gordon
Editor in Chief

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