DAVE WADE new work

Happenstance … and the art of the unexpected.

That’s what always makes picture taking rewarding, an adventure for me. I go out without a fixed sense of what I am looking for, and I find it! Or to be more accurate, it finds me. I am just a spectator …

The element of surprise … the red sun suddenly appearing out of the fog that reorders everything … the whirling autumn leaf that pauses for a split second while I snap the shutter and then is swept away over the falls … a stray weed doing an extraordinary imitation of a graceful ballerina along a rusty railroad track. I am a rapt audience of one, and all too happy to share this little unexpected discovery with you later. It’s what make it all worthwhile.

These three were all taken in 2021 and each one was unexpected ... surprises that just sort of crept up on me.

The sunrise, Madrugada, was a total mindblower … It took place on a dull flat day when I was out with my camera at dawn but it just isn’t happening. I’m heading home when I look over my shoulder and suddenly this eerie red sun is emerging from the fog … I am totally in awe … so dramatic I chose the magical-sounding Portuguese and Spanish word for daybreak, madrugada, to describe it.

The red maple leaf, Swept Away, came floating down a stream and slowed right before me ... like a gift, inviting me to open it.

Railroad Ballet seemed like a little dancer performing all by her lonesome along a rusty railroad siding. I wanted to applaud and play some Elton John!

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All the prints are archival pigment prints on matte-finish paper.

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