A Prayer in Spring
20 x 24 inches, oil on board

This painting was inspired by the Robert Frost poem of the same title, most notably verses which speak of near and far, of blossoms, and orchards. I tried to capture the essence of these and other verses in this composition. During the work on this piece, I had been contemplating the cultural turmoil we have been experiencing, and was focusing on the beauty so near us, and the beautiful expanse beyond us.

Tuesday Afternoon
36 x 38 inches, oil on board

Inspired by visits to Acadia, this piece references very early spring when tree buds are just fattening, and you feel the sense winter is over and are drawn closer to see spring emerging. I am frequently inspired by music, and the Moody Blues song, “Tuesday Afternoon,” conveys “the trees are drawing me near—I’ve got to find out why.”

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