EBEN BLANEY new work

photography by SALT STUDIOS


The desk is a piece I created for an architect client’s own home this past fall. He provided specs for the size—29-inches h x 120-inches w x 30-inches d—and the general layout. I designed the leg structure and suggested the materials and their treatment.

"Tidal Reach" is made primarily of solid, quarter-sawn white oak except for the cabinet, which is veneered. The top, base and drawer fronts all come from a matched set—meaning all the oak was from the same log. The base is ebonized (blackened) with a dye that allows all the textures of the oak's grain and medullary rays to clearly show, as well as the distinctive, offset joinery I created to accentuate the connections of the legs.

Its name speaks to its lines and proportions.

The clean handle-less drawers are operated by touch latches and include a mid-level file drawer. It has a finished backside so it can be placed away from the walls, as the owners, husband and wife, have done with theirs.

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