I GREW UP MAKING LISTS to start each new year: Lined paper. Pencil. Two columns. Everything I loved and everything I hated. Of course, as a youngster, the HATE list consisted mostly of vegetables and chores like making my bed. Happily, the LOVE list was far longer and included everything from watching for robins to herald spring to hugging the cherry tree in the backyard, wearing too-big sweaters, outrunning the boys on my block, going to the bakery with my dad and eating almost everything before we got home … and arriving with guilt and sugar all over us!

Each year, LOVE has far outweighed HATE—even though with college, I changed HATE to DISLIKE and, in my late 20s, DISLIKE became NO THANK YOU and later became, and has remained, a more quiet No Thank You.

This issue of CREATIVE MAINE bears similar love-triumphs sentiments. In everyone’s hearts and actions are beauty, caring and a nurturing oneness for the environment and each other … creating ripple effects I hope will forever be felt.

A very happy 2022 to you all! It’s the Year of the Tiger, a year for strength, courage and exorcising evils. As an angel number, 2022 stands for success and making your dreams come true. So be ambitious … Sing it out!

Which is just what we’re doing …

CREATIVE MAINE will be publishing a print edition for early February! I miss designing for print. Decided to go back to the format of my first Maine publication: a little book! Maybe a summer print edition as well … hmmmmm ...

Where will you be able to find a little CREATIVE MAINE? At the bottom of the site, sign up for our monthly recipe, so we'll be able to send you the locations at the beginning of February.

Nancy Gordon

Publisher + Editor in Chief

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