Erica Moody Metal Artisan

A professional metal fabricator by trade, I work with architects and homeowners on their custom metalwork needs since the mid nineties, and have been doing related commissions through my business Magma Metalworks since 2001. My passion in this field is to resolve unique engineering challenges that also require a fussy attention to fine detail and well-executed craft.

Recently I have begun to experiment with and expand my skills to create smaller pieces of my own design, making fine tools for the cook and the builder and unique housewares. Using many traditional metal working and jewelry techniques and using old analog industrial machines, I enjoy exploring designs that share the beauty and history of Making, and hope their use elevates the experience of every day tasks through pleasing design.

After 20 years working in and around Boston, in 2015 I moved my home base to a house and barn studio in midcoast Maine. My husband Paul has left his desk job career to join forces with me in expanding this creative part of my metalworking business. I enjoy the balance of the two sides of the business, as well as sharing the intrigue of the trade by teaching workshops at various wood and boat building schools in New England.

Paul Simonoff and Erica Moody by Michael D. Wilson.

What metalsmith or artist do you admire most and why?
Erica Moody: I’m inspired by so many artists and makers, famous and not famous...this is a tough question. Eileen Gray is one of many I can name, but all those that are driven to create are awe inspiring as the struggle to make ends meet living with that kind of passion is so very difficult.

What has been your favorite piece to make/craft?
EM: Each project is fascinating, whether a commission to engineer & build someone else’s design, or making my own designs. But I suppose in either case, the moment where the wrestling of solutions and possibilities evolve into an elation of discovery and resolution is where the magic happens. The joy for me is in these moments in the middle of making, more than a specific project or piece.

What piece would you like to make that you haven't yet?
EM: I have collected perpetual calendars from different antique markets, in different languages. If I really had to pick just one thing (there are many), I would like to make my own version of a beautiful small metal perpetual calendar.

Favorite drink and place to drink it?
EM: A good strong cup of very good coffee while sitting on the bowsprit of a sailboat, anchored in a secluded cove. Being on the ocean is my favorite place.

What would be your last meal?
EM: Something Mediterranean or French….fresh fish (preferably one we had just caught!), lemon, garlic with a salad of a warm egg on fresh greens…simple, local, fresh.

Magma Metalworks, Inc.
PO Box 676
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