Granny T’s Pepperoni Balls are back!

written by GEORGE ELIAS, owner Rooster Brother

Fresh out of the oven Tuesday mornings.
Reservations are recommended.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there was a little boy named George who, much to his dismay, was called Georgie.

He had a long walk to and from school and was very hungry when he came home. Georgie’s mother "T" was a wonderful cook and baker who loved nothing better than making good things for her family to eat, especially when they were tired and hungry.

Granny T

So ‘T’ took some of her delicious homemade bread dough and wrapped it around a slice of pepperoni and the pepperoni ball was born. It nourished Georgie and all the neighborhood kids as they grew up to be strong boys and girls.

When T would take a plane trip, she would carry bags of pepperoni balls with her, because people on airplanes are usually tired and hungry. When she would get off the plane, she would be surrounded by happy, smiling people begging her for the recipe.

That’s because food made with care and love is magic. Not surprisingly Georgie grew up with a love of food and its power to make people happy. He and his wife Pamela had two kids of their own and T, now Granny T, came to live close by. George and Pamela started a business called Rooster Brother and their two children, Tamsin and Alexander, would go the Granny T’s house after school for love and pepperoni balls.

So the magic continued.

Granny T passed away years ago and she always wanted Rooster Brother to make pepperoni balls so that even more people would be happy. She knew that Georgie had always been a procrastinator, but she also knew that sooner or later he would get around to making sure that the magic would endure.

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