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What Matters 1, Woman with Hat
What Matters 2, Girl with White Twists
What Matters 3, Boy
What Matters 4, Girl with Bongs

jack is a photographer whose work has a romantic aesthetic. He has a certain sensitivity to his subjects that I am intrigued by. Since I never know what to expect when visiting an artist’s studio, I try to remain open to random inspiration and opportunity. When I arrived at his house on the Maine coast, he invited me into his comfortable kitchen, where we sat and talked for a while before he led me to his freestanding garage a.k.a. portrait studio a.k.a. storage shed. While we were talking, I noticed that the light was sculpting his face in a beautiful way, so I started photographing him while telling him that I was just making some test shots. Later, we went to his studio, where he sat for me to make a more formal portrait and then he had me sit for him. In the end, I found that this photo made at the kitchen table is my favorite. It is not similar to his personal aesthetic, but it retains some of the softness and romanticism of his portraiture.


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Favorite …
Guilty pleasure?
Solitude. No kidding.

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