This uplifting and heartfelt note and photo, from Sally Semple, RN at Maine Medical Center,
came to me as I was getting ready to push the launch button on May-June. It is in every respect
an honor for it to lead this issue. Thank you, Sally!

—Nancy Gordon, Editor


Someone hung this heart from our parking garage at Maine Medical
Center to say thank you to the frontline workers at MMC.

How do you put into words something so special?

This summer is probably going to be one the most significant summers in our modern age because of the impact that coronavirus is having on our world as we know it. We have all endured many of life’s challenges but I hazard to guess that nobody has been prepared for anything such as this.

As a nurse in Maine I know only too well how it feels to be a front-line worker. But this is what we do. We don’t think about if we will get this virus. We just want to do the best we can under the current circumstances, so that we can all get through this and be there still when this is over. Our best defense is to continue social distancing. And we are doing such an amazing job of that, so please pat yourselves on the back for all that you are doing to protect your fellow citizens and those you love.

Working on the front line as an RN at Maine Medical Center in Portland, I have to tell you that I have been overwhelmed by the support we have as nurses from our hospital. MMC has pulled out every single stop to protect us all—from the elite surgeons down to our housekeeping staff. We support each other. We stop at nothing to be there for all of our patients. And we hope and pray for our Covid-19 patients that they will pull through this. Nobody told us it would be easy, but we are OK. We have support from so many different directions.

I have found the light and the amazing life offered through ZEST to be a much-needed source of comfort. The animals that are depicted in ZEST’s every issue just melt our hearts, especially the baby animals. The amazing stories are put out there by people who think that they might be ordinary, but those people are extraordinary! We need the uplifting spirit of ZEST now more than ever. And this May–June 2020 issue is just about that: uplifting and fun and true to the spirit of Maine and all that our amazing state has to offer.

This dreadful virus is claiming way too many lives. But Maine is steadfast and strong and we are resilient. The beauty of new shoots in our yards that pop up every springtime. The promise of a future. We need to hold on to that. More now than ever before.

Breathe. And believe. And never lose hope. We can do this, Maine.

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