ZEST’s New Home

A new space. Let’s walk all around, stretch our arms way out, wiggle our fingers and let them feel the space; spin around a few times, shimmy our shoulders and put on some good driving music. Springsteen or The Last Waltz?

Like entering your new home for the first time, it’s so exciting. Look at all the new possibilities. You take in all the views, open and close doors, feel the cool of the stone kitchen countertops, take your shoes off and walk the surfaces inside and out, try to touch the ceiling and smile.

Welcome to ZEST’s new home!

With this launch of digital ZEST, no more print… no moaning (please), you’ll love this! The site will be dedicated to six full issues online each year, beginning with this March–April issue.

A couple of new features: ZEST’s Little Black Book. Remember what a great hi-end resource Linda Horstmann's Maine’s Little Book was? Well, the Little Black Book will follow in its footsteps with a few additions. Will launch with the May-June issue. If you have a good story idea, I’d love to consider it. Look under Submissions. Subscribe to the newsletter—or stay subscribed if you were on the launch list—for a monthly surprise you can eat, along with a pinch of nonsense.

And this is all I’m going to tell you. Explore, enjoy and let me know what you think of the new ZEST.

Sincere thanks to you all for your contributions, sponsorships, trust and pats on the back. Special thanks to site programmer Cecile Williams of Cecile Design Studio, without whose patience and expertise this would not have happened, and to Hanna Bulger of Good Girl Graphics for introducing me to Cecile. Thanks also to ZEST's copy editors, Joanne Friedrick and Doug Adrianson for their wit and expertise.

And to Whittaker, Coco, Bear and Jaxon!



P.S. If you have a print subscription that has not run out, you will be getting a refund check for the unused portion.

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