LYNN KARLIN new work

Lilacs on Pedestal

I often design my still lifes using analogous colors—colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel. These combinations tend to be pleasing to the eye and very soothing, unlike complementary colors, which deliver high impact. These lilacs were growing alongside a local farmstead I frequent. They're not sold there, but the owner was kind enough to let me help myself. I took a bunch back to my studio and placed them on my favorite pedestal. After trying out a few variations, the lilacs, naturally analogous in color, fell into place with the elegance and grandeur I was looking for.

Arrangement with Squash Blossom

In this still life, I was playing around with complementary colors—those opposite one another on the color wheel. This is what gives the painting its “pop.” I started out omitting the blossoms, but felt it needed something—a focal point, perhaps. When I added the squash blossom to the cauliflower and radishes, that touch of orange made the picture sing.

Eggplant & Dahlias on Pedestal

I love to style flowers along with vegetables for the formal contrast and richness of color. One morning at the farmers market, while shoppers were racing around to pick up their produce, I decided to take my time and study form and texture. I was looking for combinations that would be different, unexpected. The dahlias were gorgeous, but what to pair them with? When I spotted the Rosa Bianca eggplants with their analogous colors, I was struck. Their shape was round like the dahlias, and I felt their deep purple against the lighter shade of the dahlias would both stand out and make a beautiful match. I bought both, brought them back to my studio and got to work.

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