MARY BOURKE new work

Waiting by the Yellow House
36 x 36 inches, acrylic on panel

Every morning that weather permits I get on my bike and ride up to High Street, which rolls along the base of Moody Mountain. I try to go early enough so that the road is quiet. Sometimes the air is so wet, that everything becomes hushed and muted in the mist, those mornings are my favorite. Traveling the same route each day I have made a few friends over time, folks in the midst of their own morning routines of gardening, raking leaves, feeding chickens. I stop and we chat about things both local and worldly. It’s my own secret morning world, a patchwork of fields, scattered homes and good neighbors.

An Extra Dog
20 x 30 inches, acrylic on panel

I am charmed by the idea of the dog walker trying to manage multiple dogs, and then along comes a newcomer to lead the crowd. Sometimes a thought such as this just takes over my painting and I get lost in the fun of it.

In Town Beach
20 x 20 inches, acrylic on panel

There are several local in-town beaches, which to me seem like such a luxury of rural living. To be able to go to the town park and go for a swim in the clean Maine water is no small thing. I would not know how to live elsewhere.

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