Snow Covered Peaks – The Presidentials by MEREDITH COUGH


As the editor of CREATIVE MAINE magazine, I spend most days interviewing artists, artisans and designers, learning about their lives and their arts for each issue. Our conversations are wonderfully unfocused; we travel all around without boundaries … laughing, sympathizing, empathizing. We each dish a lot, learn a lot and at the end of the interview feel a refreshing sense of giving and receiving.

Much the same, our readers have given me their time and their opinions. They take the time to write very specific notes about the stories they like and the connections to their own lives, the recipes they like and (bear with me!) how one in particular got an asparagus-hating teenage boy to love it: He thought they were green beans, despite their little speared heads!

The relationships I have with our readers and with those creative Mainers who we feature have a great deal in common. I would like to pass this personal level of communication along to you via shopping.


YES! SHOP CREATIVE MAINE gives you a place to form and foster personal relationships with all those featured on the site … A collaboration where the joy of shopping benefits all who are involved, every day.

Enjoy this unique experience. Remember: Creativity has power. It has magic. Become inspired by the creativity that thrives in Maine and inspire someone else. The ripple effect will be felt!

Have fun and enjoy this issue of CREATIVE MAINE!

Nancy Gordon, publisher + editor in chief

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Meredith Cough's Snow Covered Peaks - The Presidentials is available on her CREATIVE MAINE Shop Page ... Visit!

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