words + photography SARA HOTCHKISS

Mister Winky’s nose is the most beautiful expression of colors. I could stare at his face for hours, taking in the sweet beauty of it. Though the reality is he doesn’t sit still very long. And when he is sleeping, he is all curled up and his nose is hidden. He has been with me now for 14 years, so I’ve had plenty of time to think about the colors of his nose.

On his left side, the color is a light, clear pretty pink. Unabashed and no-apologies-offered pink. Migrating toward his right nose side the color turns deeper. A luscious, earthy terra cotta shimmering with a rose blush.

This splendid nose perches like a flower on the face of a tiger kitty. A back that is mostly charcoal and black with subtle marking stripes. A few sweet leopard spots on his tummy. And the most wonderful caramel and cream markings on his face, along with cream booties.

Black lines are everywhere, the ones most striking are around his eyes. If you look at him sideways you can see black pointed diagonals that make him look like he has a pair of very large, predator watchful eyes.

Underneath all this sweetness lurks a wild animal modeling great clothes.


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