Excuse me, I have something to say


I’m a Sato who was rescued as a weak little pup on a beach in Puerto Rico. After the docs fixed me up, I flew in a little cage on a big plane to my forever parents in New York City. Two years later, we all moved to Maine. Yay!  Lucked out!


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Favorite ...
Comfort food and time of day or night you most enjoy eating it?
My favorite comfort food is anything from the table: Whatever my Mum and Dad are eating. Dad’s good at sneaking me bits when Mum’s not looking. Sometimes I get to lick their plates when they’re done. I stick to the protein and sauces. No thanks to everything else, which I know how to lick my way around.

At night Dad gives me treats right out of the box. They’re dry and boring, but I eat them anyway—basically to humor him. During the day Mum sometimes gives me a few cashews, a little cheese (I love it soft and stinky!) or a spoon of peanut butter. It gets stuck in all the ridges on the roof of my mouth so I usually have to stop midway just to make some order inside there. Then I’m back at it again until the spoon is so clean my mum says she doesn’t have to wash it. And then—go figure—she does.

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