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Arbitrary Lines 1
18h x 36w x 2d inches, gouache and wax on wood
Arbitrary Lines 2
10h x 20w inches, graphite powder and encaustic wax on aluminum panel
18h x 36w x 2d inches, gouache and wax on wood
Yearning, 2018
24h x 24w x 1d inches, gouache and wax on wood
20h x 20w x 1d inches
Graphite powder and encaustic wax on wood

munira is an artist who has found a zen-like aesthetic with a complex emotional and cultural depth. Her studio is a modern building that she designed, so it is her work along with the art that she creates inside the space. Her studio is nestled into a forest setting, near a lake and I feel that she has successfully utilized the peacefulness of her location to focus on creating spare, precise work of stunning beauty. I chose to photograph her in her studio, using a long exposure inspired by the black and gray painting seen in the background. I love the way her hand merges with the forest. To make this image, I set up my camera on a tripod and by using a cable release, was able to remove myself from the camera and just photograph her while we were talking. This enables me to both have an interesting conversation and observe the moments that I want to photograph, without having to be hidden behind the camera.

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Favorite …
Guilty pleasure?
My answer is sort of embarrassing... My guilty pleasure is testing colors of red lipstick, which I wear every day even under my mask!

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