With food usually on our minds, let’s have a recipe contest and let’s make it easy. Send us a recipe for any type of food dish, any season … breakfast, lunch, bread, entrée, side dish, appetizer, soup, salad, dessert, confections, midnight snack … Your choice.

Recipes will be judged by our recipe experts: Sandy Garson, Billy Doukas, Kate Shaffer (Ragged Coast Chocolates), Laura Cabot (Laura Cabot Catering) and Christopher Beaudoin.

Not great at writing recipes? Do the best you can … The judges will do their best to decipher.

First prize: A $100.00 gift certificate to Now You’re Cooking in Bath.

*** You must include a photograph of the finished dish along with your recipe, your name and contact info. Please tell us how many the recipe serves or makes.

Deadline: April 15
Send everything to

Get cooking!


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