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Seal Harbor Rug Co. was born out of my love for design and everything textile. The beauty of New England where I grew up inspires me to no end. In my rugs, I aim to capture the movement of the ocean, colors of the beach stones, clouds and birds floating across the sky, summer grasses, the seasons, and animals big and small.

In our Seal Harbor Rug Co. dye kitchen we have created over 200 color formulas to dye our beautiful 100% wool New Zealand rug yarn that we offer for sale to textile workers and rug hookers. The added bonus for me is that I can take unceasing delight in choosing, for my own work, from the almost endless arrays of solid and variegated colors.

My rugs are primarily designed and hooked by me. Formally, I worked solely in my studio in Seal Harbor, Maine, but I recently purchased a studio in Manchester Center, Vermont. So I spend winters in Vermont building inventory and hooking up the designs I have been holding in my head, and summers in Maine where I exhibit my rugs, gather new inspiration and take commission work orders for the next long Vermont winter.

Anyone looking to purchase rug-hooking yarn should visit my website: To see a collection of my own rugs, please visit


What artist and/or rug designer do you admire most?
I like the NC Wyeth illustrations and I love the Grenfell Mission rugs of 1910 from Newfoundland and Labrador. The designs are amazing. Polar Bear on Ice Flows, Seal Pelts Drying, Flowers and Sea Birds. All created using lovely natural dyes.

What was your favorite rug to create?
My favorite rug to create was the Full Moon runner. It was inspired by seeing the animal tracks in the snow while hiking in Acadia National Park. It was fun thinking about the animals running around in the the moonlight while we slept.

What scene would you like to do that you haven't yet?
I feel I have just about warn myself out designing and hooking lobsters. I would like to start working on some other animal rugs, foxes and chickens, cats and dogs and of course all the farm animals.

Your favorite drink and place to drink it?
My favorite drink is Domaine Carneros sparkling Rose and I love to drink it on the beach even though that's not allowed!

What is your favorite meal?
My favorite meal is of course steamers and steamed lobster with corn on the cob and blueberry pie a la mode.

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