For my birthday, this past September, Dan Kany surprised me with these beautiful horse drawings. Whittaker and I named the golden mare, Lola, and the roan, Gia. They live, framed of course, in the tack room.

Onward ...


P.S. CM has its first animation ... The Snowball Commissioner artwork. Click on the story and watch it!


"At the beginning of 2020, I went to Saudi Arabia to work at Ithra, the nation's first major culture center. Like most people in the world, I got locked down by the pandemic, away from my family and friends. Making art has been a great solace.

“The Arabian horses are markedly different from the American mustangs and quarter horses, particularly their heads and tails. I made some gesture drawings of Saudi horses but I kept finding myself working and reworking the drawings until they felt right, which made them decidedly not Arabian.

“These 'finished' works are oil but they are fundamentally drawings in pencil and Conté on paper, a combination of mediums I have come to adore for many reasons: I like not only the portability of paper, but its firmness against the oil brush and that it gives me the option of using watercolor approaches with oil, such as washes and wet on wet techniques. Drawing horses is a challenge, and once artists achieve sufficient representation within any picture, they often move from 'getting it right' to working it into a good picture. I have been tempted to paint backgrounds, but I think of these as drawings, and so I leave the rest of the paper support blank."  —Dan Kany

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