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Ultrasound day is my favorite day of the year! It’s always so exciting to see the kids in there, wiggling around. This spring we are going to be hopping. Every single goat we hoped was bred was, so 25 are expecting babies from April 12 to May 25. Dr. Kelsey Hilton at Annabessacook Veterinary Clinic was the bearer of good news. If we were the betting types, we would wager we will have 63 kids born at the farm this spring, but it could be anywhere from 45 to 75.

Nora (left) and Moonspot opt for staying cozy neat the barn as they wit for spring. Nora is our smallest doe but she always surprises us with how many babies she can tck away. The vet thought she saw three, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a fourth or even a fifth. She is due April 30. Moonspot is due first this season! We expect her kids around April 12. She often passes on her awesome coat to her kids.


Abigail (the nicest goat in the herd), GoGo (the most human) and Khaleesi (the most independent) come out of the barn to greet visitors. Clementine is hiding back behind her sister. I expect eight to 10 kids from this group.

You can visit the mamas, witness a birth, snuggle the new arrivals and even do some yoga with the herd late April through July, when they head to their new homes. For visiting hours please visit sunflowerfarm.info

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