photography by BERLIAN ARTS

This ring was born out of my client’s desire to represent her family members in a piece of jewelry. Each gemstone is a family member’s birthstone. My only directive from the client was to make it big, which was a good thing as there are eight gemstones set in 18k and 22k gold.

I sourced the beautiful, main rhodolite kite-shaped garnet from John Dyer Gems. It is a custom fantasy cut called Dreamscapes. One of the diamonds came from the client’s family. I sourced most of the stones from my collection.

From this beginning, I started sketching. The magic really happens in the metal. As I was building and layering the gold, I saw an underwater theme developing with the tentacles of a starfish and the barnacles (the amethyst cabochon set on the side of the bezel) that grow like the design was growing as I was making it.

As an artist working in precious metals, my process takes time … as I think about how the piece will come together, what I want it to look like, and how I interpret my ideas into an actual, wearable ring.

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