“I learned that I am at my best and feel the most
fulfilled when I am helping people to find their own
best selves.”


words HEATHER LUX, owner True North Beauty


Most companies start with a great idea or product and over time they understand their bigger purpose. My story is a little different. My life’s purpose was clear early on—I just needed to discover my way of realizing it.

Many years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. I had just moved to Maine, hundreds of miles away from my family and friends in Ohio. My marriage was ending, and I was working crazy hours for a Fortune 100 company. I felt that I had completely lost all the direction and purpose I had in my 20s and that my life was not going the way I had envisioned it. I realized that I’d become uncomfortable in my own skin and that I wasn’t living life for me anymore.

To try and get myself back on track, I went on a solo journey to make  an effort to reconnect with myself and define my life goals. I realized that I had untapped creative energy that I wanted to explore. I started making bath and body products as a way to “get comfortable being uncomfortable” and I sold these products at the Portland Farmers’ Market.

Those Saturday mornings were glorious and became my lifeline. I would work all day at my 9-to-5 while dreaming about the energy of the market and the wonderful conversations I had with the customers.

Week after week women would come by,
pick up my soap and smell it, all while
telling me their life stories. I realized there
were so many women out there who were
on the cusp of experiencing what I had. They felt lost trying to figure out how to be a mother, a professional, a spouse, a friend, a woman—all while feeling beautiful and fulfilled. I loved being able to connect with the women at the farmers’ market, and the desire to make a greater impact gave me the confidence to dream even bigger. Going through that experience helped reignite my spirit. I learned that I am at my best and feel the most fulfilled when I am helping people find their own best selves.

A few years later, shortly after turning 40, I noticed a lot of changes with my skin. It was losing its elasticity, fine lines were turning into wrinkles, there were red spots on my cheeks and acne that I hadn’t seen since my 20s was popping up seemingly overnight. At that time I was at a high point in my career, in a very visible role, but found myself avoiding interaction at any cost. I no longer had the confidence to lead in the way I was accustomed to. Rather than stepping up, I stood in the background, hoping to go unnoticed. This change in my skin had a huge impact on how I viewed myself, and ultimately impacted my confidence in all aspects of my life.

Although frustrated with how my skin looked, I didn’t want to give up the experience that luxury products provided me, but also did not want to apply a bunch of chemicals to my skin. I needed a new skin care routine, so I went shopping. I quickly noticed that the natural options on the market lacked the elegance that I had become accustomed to. Still, I gave them a shot. To my disappointment, they did not resolve my skin issues but instead made me break out even more. Right then I knew that if I wanted products that were natural, effective and luxurious-feeling, I needed to tap into my experience making bath and body products and make my own.

This all happened around the same time I discovered Chaga in my backyard. Chaga is a fungus that grows primarily on birch trees in colder climates, and has been used for centuries in traditional medicine in Northern European countries. I was familiar with its powerful properties and had even experienced it in my coffee, but never heard of it being used in luxury skin care. After a long walk through the woods in the back of my house, I came up with the idea of incorporating Chaga into skin care. I then started to research, formulate and test different product options for a complete skin care routine that used Chaga!

Early in the testing process, I made a little extra of the first product, the Hydration Cream, and sent small jars of it to some of my closest friends. Several weeks later we met for lunch, where these friends started talking about their experience with the cream. As they spoke, the conversation went deeper. These women shared for the first-time their own stories of passing on job promotions, not dating and not wanting to go to high school—not because they did not have the skills or interest, but because they did not feel good about their skin. My friends told me how self-conscious they felt about their adult acne breakouts, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and how this impacted their confidence to live the life they desired.

I was astonished that I had never heard
these stories. I also understood,
because that was exactly how I had felt. They proceeded to share their experiences with the Hydration Cream, the results they had seen and the confidence they felt as a result. We talked about the link between healthy, clear skin and how achieving this then opened them up to living a more confident life.

It was at this moment that I realized that helping women experience this type of confidence transformation was my “Why”—and that my Chaga-infused skin care was the vehicle to help women live the life they desired. I knew my products worked, so addressing their skin concerns was the easy part, and by doing so, women would trust me enough to help them in other aspects of their lives. As I was able to connect with these women’s familiar stories of how skin concerns had shaped their lives, I realized that these women—like those I met at the farmers’ market—were the reason I wanted to have a business. I understood that the confidence journey starts with healthy, clear skin, and that was frankly the easy part. More importantly, I understood that by helping them with their skin concerns I then could earn the trust of these women, and truly help in even greater aspects of their lives.

I realized I was fulfilling my purpose of making a difference in people’s lives while following my passion and that is how my purpose turned into a full-time business.

Over time we have built a community of like-minded individuals who strive to live a full life marked by confidence and passion. True North Beauty’s messaging and products help people live their life to the fullest and encourage them to discover their “true north”—the point that grounds us—as well as discovering their own natural beauty and confidence.

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Editors note: My current lifestyle is tough on my face: Florida sun, riding and caring for my horse, Whittaker, all the mowing (No, I don't have a tractor with an air-conditioned cab.), sandy soil and this aging nonsense. It's all over my face! So when I discovered True North Beauty and Heather told me about Chaga, I had to try it. Honestly, after two days my skin was brighter, cleaner looking in some way. Now, after a couple of weeks, the rosacea is gone and dark spots are fading. What a thrill to look so much better! —Nancy Gordon

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True North Beauty is offering their full line of his and hers,
Chaga-infused skin care products for our special

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