the ultimate chocolate quiz YOUR PERSONALITY REVEALED


Standing behind the counter helping customers at our chocolate store, Dean’s Sweets in Portland, ME, gives me a laboratory to watch human behavior. Any retailer will tell you the same. The public parades before us. I see couples newly in love. I see parents exhausted from a family vacation. I can tell if a customer is a chocolate connoisseur or simply enjoying the moment. I also see some people hesitate, perhaps self-consciously, worried about their buying behavior. They say, “I know I should get dark chocolate, it’s healthier, but I like milk chocolate.” In essence, they’re saying, please don’t judge me. And we don’t. Never would.

So how do you choose your chocolate?  Scan the photos below: choose your top three. You can also use “rank-choice voting,” since that’s legal in Maine. Your choices will (with no scientific basis whatsoever) reveal your inner chocolate personality.

If you choose:

Au Lait Au Lait, the milk chocolate squares, means you are a purist and confident in your ways. You seize the day and don’t hold back. You have strong views, but you don’t push them on anyone. You are happy rowing your own boat.

Double Espresso indicates that you are independent and a hard worker. Your friends can count on your reliability, and equally, you delight in an evening at home. You are mindful and savor small moments throughout the day, and especially when the work is done.

If you choose Maine Sea Salt, you are as active as you are studious. Your energy takes you on great adventures of both mind and body. You like to know and experience what the world has to offer, by seeking new insights and first-hand knowledge.

Did you choose Graham Cracker Crunch? You are compassionate and generous. If there’s a situation that calls for leadership, you are there, whether out front or behind the scenes. You take joy from watching others thrive.

Rainbow Confetti indicates that you look for and find the best in others. Though you can see their shadow sides, your acceptance and willingness to stay open brings people together. You don’t shy away from difficult situations and yet, you’re happiest creating harmony whenever possible.

If you choose Lavender Honey, you value fine artistry. You seek out hidden gems and gladly go the distance to experience the best in any area that rings true for you. You work and travel through life on your own terms, and you’d never want anything less for anyone else.

The Ginger Lemon reveals a creative you. You enjoy combining colors and images, sounds and scents that often escape the attention of others. You pay attention, keenly aware of the chaos and clutter in the world, and then you mindfully forge your own path.

Really, when choosing chocolate, the only thing that matters, scientifically speaking, is that you are true to yourself. You don’t need to worry if dark chocolate is healthier or if white chocolate is actually chocolate (it’s not, but that’s ok!). You can base your selection on what calls to you and what you enjoy most. When we follow our own inner chocolate guide and let others do the same, the outcome is most often the sweetest.

. . .

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