written by MIKE TIMCHAK
photography courtesy of WINDSOR CHAIRMAKERS

The finished results... Thank you all!
Crockett Lalor, chairmaker, cabinet maker
4 years at Windsor
Daniel Casburn, chairmaker, final finish
2 years at Windsor
Devon Harris
Sales, office, seat weaver, final finisher
1½ years at Windsor
Eric Schow, cabinetmaker, final finisher, chairmaker
Jack Nadherny chairmaker, final finisher
1 year at Windsor
Jana Timchak, owner, sales, office work,
showroom decoration, gardening and
her own artwork. Lifer, 30 years and counting.
Julie Cook, finisher
28 years at Windsor
Lincoln Clapp, cabinetmaker
26 years at Windsor
Lindsey Erickson
Final finisher, chairmaker, seat weaver
1 year at Windsor
Mike Timchak, owner, sales, design, office,
chairmaker, gardener, finisher, final finish,
garbage detail and shovels sometimes, too ...
Lifer, 35 years and counting.
Sara Beth Casburn, gardener
1 year at Windsor
Solomon (Solo) Speigel, chairmaker, finisher
1½ years at Windsor
Steve McKeen, cabinetmaker
16 years at Windsor
David Wadstrup, final finisher
The newest member of our Windsor Family.

FOR 35 YEARS, Windsor Chairmakers has been handcrafting fine furniture for the most wonderful people in the world … our customers. What goes into every piece that we create is not just wood, paint, glue and time, it is the skill, dedication and love of a crew of people who want to do the very best for the people who give us the opportunity to do what we do best … make things of beauty, that can be used every day for generations to come.

The talent and heart of this wonderful group of people, our extended family, is what makes this shop a truly special place.

Come visit next time you are in Lincolnville. Our shop is always open
to visitors.

. . .

Windsor Chairmakers
2596 Atlantic Hwy
Lincolnville, ME 04849
(207) 789-5188

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