SEPTEMBER IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH … always a good time to announce big changes, and this is a big one.

I’ve been trying to write this letter for too long. It’s so mixed with happy and sad as I close my publishing career with thank yous, hugs and waves to you all. I am moving on to a new adventure, manufacturing some unique bed linen products.

CREATIVE MAINE news first ... Just spoke with Devon Harris in Maine today (9.13.22). She will be  continuing CREATIVE MAINE with the November - December issue!!! I'm twirling with excitement ... Devon writes well and has great ideas for CM. I will stay on as a consultant.

So ... It is with great pleasure that I introduce Devon Harris:

As the story is often told, I grew up in Maine dreaming of away. At 18, I left home and spent the following years moving ever west, but, as May Davidson writes with such accuracy, “My attachment to the state is that of a barnacle to a ledge.” It didn’t matter where I went, Maine was always home and I was always away. 

Then, on one beautiful summer day, I stood in the light-flooded Shaker furniture gallery at Windsor Chairmakers in Lincolnville, Maine and made the silent vow to return soon. A year later I moved to Belfast and started a job at the same furniture gallery. Not long after, it was also there that I was first introduced to Nancy Gordon and Creative Maine, and accepted the opportunity to carry forth this lovingly crafted publication. 

If I have learned anything in my wandering, it’s that every place has its own perfect essence—a terroir impossible to replicate, made up of all that is uniquely glorious and challenging about spending time there. It is the combination of the two, the appreciation of the first lifted by the valiant engagement with the second, that creates such devotion in its people. It is certainly true for Maine.

I love it here—summer traffic and snowy Aprils included. I hope, at the helm of Creative Maine, I’ll be able to continue its mission of showcasing the many varied, talented, and creative people who love it here too. 

Back to my adventure: To begin, two pillowcases ... One whose history honors my great-grandmother Lena and will bring joy and comfort to everyone who owns one. That’s not not a sales pitch, it’s a promise. The other will keep your head toasty warm and comfy.

The manufacturing process is s – l – o – w and I’ve no clue when the new site, 40WittyWinks.com, will be up. We'll also have a monthly recipe newsletter with comfort food, bedtime nibbles and midnight snacks.

40 Witty Winks will be all about joy, comfort and nourishment for yourself and those you love … and sharing a wink and a smile! There may also be a WINK Book if people share their stories and photos.

I hope you all know how special you truly are and the gifts that knowing you have given me … If you ever lose sight of that, let me know and I’ll gladly remind you!

Ever onward, with a wink and a smile …

Nancy Gordon, editor

Enjoy this issue ... Lots of great recipes!

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